Growing Demand for Certified Hadoop Engineers Creates a New Opportunity for Workers

Even while some workers struggle with finding secure, financially rewarding work, others are having to constantly turn down offers. Some skills, particularly in the field of technology, are in such great demand that those who are certified as capable can virtually write their own checks. In some cases, it will take a number of years of advanced education to become qualified to work in such positions. In others, however, a bit of background and some relatively straightforward learning can put a worker in position to turn the usual tables on today’s employers.

This is particular true in the field of data science today. While data scientists themselves tend to bring a lot of highly advanced, specialized skills to their work, a wide range of supporting workers can get by with a lot less. Assembling and assessing huge collections of data, for instance, tends to require a great deal of computing infrastructure. Those who can set up, configure, and maintain such large collections of specialized servers and applications are almost as much in demand today as data scientists themselves.

One popular tool for tackling big data is the Apache Hadoop clustering system. Like a number of proprietary, commercial systems of a similar kind, Hadoop is designed to allow separate, distinct computers to crunch away at the same collection of data. With hundreds of computers or more coordinating in many Hadoop installations, it takes a good deal of specialized knowledge to be able to get and keep such large systems running.

Technologists who can handle this kind of work therefore find that employers are quite often eager to seek them out today. While data scientists themselves will typically need Master’s or Doctorate degrees in order to attract this kind of interest, businesses tend to be content with less rigorous qualifications when it comes to supporting players.

The right certification can be all that it takes to elicit generous offers from employers who are working on big data today, as many have already discovered. For those with some technological skills who are seeking new career opportunities and the like, researching this kind of certification info therefore quite consistently pays off and probably will for some time to come.