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Importance of Hiring a Tenant Broker for Lease Negotiations

If you a tenant looking for a new office space, you would do well to negotiate especially if the market becomes more landlord friendly. Unlike several years ago, we have seen a more tenant-friendly market due to our economic downturn, but now a days, business owners have to sustain how to survive and thrive in the sometimes jarring environment of negotiating in our current economy.

The idea of leveraging to make sure that you can create a deal that would benefit you and your company is no secret anymore for unlike before, there are now various masters of the house who can help you not only find the space you need but also aid you in lease negotiation. There are a lot of advantages to gain if you hire a qualified tenant broker or hiring a tenant representative because you can have access to all the viable office spaces on the market where you can best situate your products and services. You can also opt to check if there are other alternate types which suits your needs.

When you also bring along a professional tenant representative, you are not only accompanied by a skilled negotiator on your team but this will also make you be more respected or nonetheless esteemed – in the eyes of the landlord and his team. Without a representative, these landlord can undervalue you and hold you with contempt which leads to disservices.
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You can also exhibit strength in the negotiating table if you use the options created with your tenant broker during the early stages when you were still picking and looking for alternative office spaces. Tenants are sometimes forgetful of the fact that if you pair off the space of the landlord with another, it plays a pivotal role in the course of your negotiations with them. This is also because you do not want the other to think that you are already totally committed to their offering. So, whether you are negotiating for a new lease or a renewal you should let the one you are negotiating with know your other market options so that they can give you the best deal they can instead of thinking that you are sold to their space from the start of the lease negotiations.
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Although it is quite tough to make lease negotiations, you would not want to make a hasty decision when there is no longer any time to do so. This means that even before you set out to negotiate for a place, you are already sure to move in anytime. Of if you are negotiating for a renewal, you should also be ready for an alternate place to relocate so that your leverage will not be affected or suffer logistically or financially.