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The Popularity of Primitive Decors Today, we can see many homes adding primitive decors for a rustic look. What is interesting about this style of decorating is that these decorations are replications of old styles. Whatever style of home you have, using primitive d?cor with rustic designs can fit. Primitive home decors usually include the use of mason jars. You can use large and small jars; large jars to put dry ingredients in the kitchen, and small jars can be used in the bathroom to dispense soap and other cleansing agents. Mason jars are grade to hold candles and put in the living room. One way that you can make a mason jar look pretty is by pasting small pieces of colored paper on the outside portion. It will look like made of stained glass which is beautiful when lit by a tea light candle inside. Another way to decorate a bathroom is a rustic way is to use a primitive shower curtain. Shower curtains printed with rustic scenes using country fabrics are great. Another type of shower curtain you can have is a quilted shower curtain pieced together with wonderful fabrics. You can also put a pretty white eyelet curtain with a clear shower line beneath.
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The use of stars is another primitive or country d?cor. These stars are made or metal that are rusty colored or black. You can hand them on the way in groups of 2 or 3 and combine both large and small stars together. You can also combine stars with antique signs. Rough pieces of wood, metal, or even porcelain are used where the antique signs are printed. The most common signs are soda brands, gasoline or automotive brands, and brands of tobacco.
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You can also have large primitive decors such as benches or shutters. You can create a lovely rustic effect with a bench made of rough wood such as weathered gray barn board placed in your entrance or shutters hung around mirrors. Another great primitive item are birdhouses made of wood. You can make birdhouses from twigs or barn board which is a simple design consisting of four walls and a roof. Baskets can be a great rustic d?cor, especially made of wood. Large and small baskets are pleasing to look at and they can also be used for storing items. You can further decorate your basket with painted eggs. This can look very primitive. Using primitive d?cor for you home will surely give a sense of warmth and comfort no matter what style of home you a living in, whether it is a log cabin in the words, or a modern home in the city.