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Up Your Espionage Game with these 6 Spy Equipment Types

Today, there are endless types of spy gear that you can use to uncover information about a person. Even for the professional spy, there is a need for top-rated equipment because he or she cannot be at locations at once and also, it is impossible to gain access to some facilities or premises. What’s more, spying is only fun if your identity remains concealed at all times. Here is a look at some of the top types of spy equipment you should consider in your surveillance activities.

Phone data recovery sticks are some of the most useful devices you may use in your spying. These sticks have the capability of recovering lost or deleted data from two of the largest mobile operating systems, meaning they can be used on any device. Therefore, there is no need to jump from place to place as you search for evidence of your spouse’s infidelity since this gadget will get you all that information without moving an inch.

A cigarette lighter looks harmless but it is now a top spy equipment piece for those who want to collect audio and video evidence without being noticed. Just turn on the device and leave it at your target location since you will get every bit of information when you return from your activities.

Cellular jammers are spy gear that will render all cell phones within a given radius useless, giving you the chance to carry out your espionage activities. A cell phone jammer is now a common device that is also affordable, unlike in the past when it was only reserved for military use.

You do not need to follow your spouse to every location to find out if he or she is cheating. Also, his or her phone could lack the evidence you are looking for, so don’t look there also. With a semen detection kit, busting him or her is very easy. There is a special substance that turns purple when poured on wet or dry semen, meaning that you will get more than enough evidence to confront him about the issue.

Due to their movable nature, many of the available spy gadgets are sometimes not very helpful. A solution is now available and it comes in the form or audio and video recording equipment inside an electrical outlet.

To find out if your workers are sending confidential company information via their computers to rival firms, you may catch them in the act (quite impossible) or invest in a keylogger plug to get records of all the keystrokes they make on their keyboards. In addition to running in the background to conceal its presence, the device does not use up computer resources, and it does not lose data when unplugged.

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