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How to Create an App Icon Developing a mobile app that people will continually download is not a simple task as simply giving them something that will be helpful. It is necessary for you to create an amazing app icon, alongside developing a good app description, and naming your app appropriately. An average smartphone usually consists of 41 apps that are in regular use by the owner. As an app developer that is determined to see your app being on the essential list, there is a need to create an app icon that is luring. On the instance that you cannot create a quality app icon, you will have a rough time convincing people to download the app, much less use it. Best Practices for Creating an App Icon
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Unique and Bold Shape Simplicity is the only way to create an app that is famous and recognizable. If you fail to pick a bold and unique shape, your app ends up blending with the rest, and hence fewer people will be enticed to download.
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It is also recommendable that you try incorporating what your app does into the app icon in a way. Two colors and a simple form which make it easy to recognize the shape. There is a need to have the app icon generally describing the overall function of the app. That way, people will understand the value of your app by just looking at the icon. Avoid using a Photo Even when you think that the picture has a bold and unique shape, do not be tempted to incorporate it in the icon. It is however allowed, to make a vector image version of a photo that you like that is simple, and represents your brand. You can pick some elements from the photo to inspire the vector image design. Carefully Select the Colors When creating an app icon, always remember that the icon will appear tiny on the user’s screen. This means that if you use many colors and text, your app is likely not going to stand out. The choice of color should be limited to two or three colors and avoid the use of much detail on the design. It additionally important to ensure that the selected colors match your brand; use contrast correctly in your design to draw the attention of potential customers. Keep off the use of Words The fact that the app icon appears as tiny on the smartphone’s screen means that your users will not be in a position of reading what is included in the text. Of the many app icon design methods, the ones mentioned here are the most important. It is always advisable that you hire the services of an app designer to create the best icon for your app.