Tips For Designing Business Cards From

A business card is a calling card, a way to leave an impression of your name and business with customers and associates. Business cards are often kept for a long time, and they may even be displayed where others can see them. Having a unique and memorable business card design is a subtle, effective, and low-cost way to market your business. The following are some design tips from

First of all, sizing and arranging the elements on the card is very important. Make sure, for example, that all of the design is within 5 mm of the edge, and use a font size that is big enough to be legible. A helpful tip is to use a grid to lay out your design. This helps to assure that the elements are well balanced and placed precisely. Avoid using a border all the way around the card frame because it will highlight even a minor irregularity in the cut.

Color is an important element of design. Colors should always reflect and harmonize with the company’s logo, but they should not be limited to only one or two. Printers advise designing in CMYK except for spot colors.

Creativity in design goes a long way toward making a business card appealing and memorable. One creative element might be a unique finish, like a metallic finish, a gloss, or an embossed image. Other unique card treatments might include cutting out parts of the card to add to the design or making cards out of unusual materials. Some business cards are even made to be useful, like a business card that converts to a phone holder.

Consider making your own recycled cards by cutting up old greeting cards or post-cards. These environmentally friendly cards are not just a unique design; each one is one-of-a-kind.

In addition to these tips, printers also suggested avoiding some common mistakes. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is putting too much text on the card. Text should be minimal so that it can be read quickly and easily. Another error to avoid is failing to include digital contact information. Any business card should feature its owner’s email and website since many customers nowadays prefer digital communication to letters and phone calls.