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The Qualities of a Successful Leader

There are few topics more frequently discussed than the topic of leadership. There are few people who would say that they don’t want to be a successful leader of a successful business. What makes someone a leader can be so different from case to case. While the types of leadership vary, some qualities are much more important and beneficial when it comes to leadership positions.

First, one needs to decide how to define successful leadership. A sudden and explosive rise to popularity does not a good long-term leader make. So, popularity is not a particularly good gauge for how great a leader an individual can be. In the same breath, some people do great work, but are disliked making them ineffective. Successful leadership will here be referred to someone with business savvy, who also spurs others on to greatness.

The first step to becoming a successful leader is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. By knowing your strengths, you know the places where you can lead and fit yourself into your community to uplift and guide. It is humbling to recognize that you are weak in certain areas and can help you grow both as a person and as a leader. This is the jumping off point for a successful career.
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Next, to be a successful leader you need to have a vision. You need to have a vision for your own career, of course, but you also need to have a decisive vision for your department or your company. Many successful CEOs will tell you that they have had a very specific and well laid out plan for their corporation and that they regularly hold themselves accountable to that vision. Having a trackable goal keeps everyone on target. Successful companies have a vision and stay true to it.
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Another mark of a successful leader is someone who appreciates the work of others that work alongside and under them. Leaders who act high above others are often brought down rapidly by their own egos. A little kindness goes a long way. No job is more important than another, and all of the moving parts help the machine of the business run smoothly. Reciprocal kindness and respect is vital in a high-functioning company.

Being a strong leader can be difficult, but you can set yourself above the rest by being wise, witty, and kind. These qualities will give you success, and will also help you become well-liked enough to have longevity in your position and in your corporation. By embodying these character traits, perhaps someday you will be the next CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.