Month: January 2022

Digital Detox: Everything You Need to Know

Digital detox is good for you. If you already know what it means then, you should agree with this. However, if you do not understand what it means, read along because this article contains all that you need to know concerning digital detox.


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What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is usually when a person abstains from using tech/electronic devices and gadgets like phones, iPods, tablets, computers, laptops, etc., for a specific duration. This action called “detoxifying” is seen as a medium to release all the tension, stress, and addiction caused by personal gadgets and devices. The aim is to help a person focus more on his/her physical environment.


Why should a person carry out a digital detox?

In today’s world, technology is the order of the day. And in the process of using technology for nearly every activity, we have become very much accustomed to using our gadgets and devices more often than usual. This is a  problem that very few techniques and strategies can control, digital detoxification being one of them.


To give a further account of the importance of digital detoxification, we must know the disadvantages of excessive usage of electronic gadgets and devices. Here are a few disadvantages and how digital detoxification can aid them.


1.    Technology is highly addictive, and it prevents one from physical activities

Studies have shown that many people in America are lagging in terms of physical performance. Lots … Read More ...

Image Hosting Vs Image Sharing: Things You Need to Know

Nowadays, image hosting websites are quite popular among individuals and business owners. In other words, both personal and professional users check out these websites on a daily basis for sharing their personal or business photos with their friends and clients. Before you choose a platform, we suggest that you consider some of the essential features first. kampanye di media sosial  If you are new to this world, you may be wondering if there is a difference between image sharing and image hosting. Given below are some of the points that can help you understand the difference between the two terms. Read on to find out more.

Image Hosting

On an image hosting website, when you upload your desired images, you will have an embedded link that you can put on different platforms, such as online marketplaces, blogs, websites, and forums. All you need to do is make a few clicks using your mouse and copy and paste the links. So, it can save you plenty of time and effort no matter how many times you have to repeat the process.

Another great benefit of these platforms is that your desired photos can be shared across a wide network. You don’t need to put all of the load on your own servers. So, it can reduce the load on your in-house servers significantly.

If you host your images on these servers, you will have peace of mind that your images will be safe and secure. Even if your blog or website goes down for some reason, you can still get your photos back in a few minutes. So, there will be no loss of data if you are going to use these platforms.

Sharing Images

Unlike image hosting, sharing images is a different process. In this process, you can share your

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Hijab Trends 2022 Pashmina and Quadrangle Models


Wearing the hijab is one of the clothing choices for Muslim women. In order to look fashionable without violating religious provisions, you can follow the 2022 hijab trend for pashmina and quadrangles.

Quoting the book 5 Minutes Using Pasmina Without a Pin (2015), pashmina is a hijab model that can be created for various fashionable looks. Wearing the hijab does not need to be difficult because there are many models of use that are very simple for everyday use. Unisma While the rectangular hijab model was much more popular among the public. Until now, the rectangular hijab motif is increasingly varied that can be mixed and matched with your clothes.

What are the hijab fashion trends that will skyrocket in 2022? To be more up to date, please see the presentation below:

1. Voal Material and Pastel Colors

Hijab made of voal and pastel colors will still dominate fashion in 2022. Although this material has been popular this year, voal remains a mainstay for Muslim women in dressing. Pastel colors and earth tones are also still the prima donna among hijabers. Hijab The reason is, this color describes a soft, calming, and beautiful impression. The earth tone color is also widely used because it is natural and fresh.

2. Instant Hijab

Instant hijab is a hijab model that has been perfectly sewn, so users only need to wear it even without pins or pins. Instant hijab in 2022 will dominate because it is very practical for everyday use. This hijab is suitable for use if you are in a hurry to go somewhere or go to the nearest environment without the hassle.

3. Hijab Syar’i

Hijab syar’i is a type of hijab 2022 that is widely used by Muslim women who dress in robes. Hijab syar’i has characteristics that are Read More ...