2023 Toyota Crown Advanced Technology Package: How Much and Key Features

Find out if 2023 Crown Advanced Technology Package is for you.

Toyota Crown made a big splash with its United States debut last summer. The replacement for the popular Avalon is bold and sleek and dynamic with a stylish interior cabin.

Actually, I need to correct my previous phrase. Toyota does not think of 2023 Crown as “the new Avalon” at all. Because, in fact, Toyota Crown is so much more.

2023 Toyota Crown Limited - Oxygen White

This premium, full-size sedan (as Toyota labels it) looks great and is loaded with technology, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Plus, it sits nearly four inches taller than a typical sedan like Toyota Camry.

Plus, it has two different powertrains to choose from, one being the Hybrid MAX (340 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. torque).

Did I already mention that it looks really cool?

So cool, as a matter of fact, that I bought one just last week.

2023 Toyota Crown Limited

2023 Toyota Crown Limited interior toyota audio multimedia

I purchased a 2023 Toyota Crown Limited in Oxygen White color. This is a very bright white pearlescent color and the contrast with its many gloss black accents makes for one heck of a first impression. My new 2023 Crown has Macadania leather seats and also has an Advanced Technology Package factory upgrade.

My wait time was around seven months from the time I put in my order request. That is a long time to wait. But I also knew just what I wanted, too. I am really happy with my new Toyota Crown 2023. I love it so far.

You can learn more about it in my own daily driver review from my “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel. I think you will really like the bright and airy interior. At least I hope you will.

2023 Crown Advanced Technology Package

2023 Toyota Crown Limited Advanced Technology Package

So why did I choose the Advanced Technology Package? I mean, it did add $2,950 to my total price.

Was it worth it?

Well, for one thing, I really wanted the panoramic view monitor. I used it all the time in my 2021 Venza Limited – mostly to park both pulling in and backing up into a spot. I was not willing to buy a new car that didn’t have that important feature.

And I did hesitate because of another aspect, since I did not think that upgrading to 21-inch wheels from the stock 19-inch alloy wheels was worth it.

But now I am changing my opinion, as I think these new 10-spoke dark metallic alloy wheels look classy and refined and higher class. I am so glad I have them now.

2023 Toyota Crown Limited Oxygen White - front end and profile view

Other benefits include a digital key and Remote Connect. Remote Connect is valuable because I can remotely start and stop my car remotely from my work or inside my house. This is especially helpful on blazing hot and humid days in North Carolina. I need it cool.

Fonzie cool.

Time for Your Toyota Crown Comments

2023 Toyota Crown Limited - Oxygen White

How do you like the 2023 Toyota Crown so far? Would you rather go for Crown XLE, Limited, or Platinum?

Do you think the Advanced Technology Package is something you would be interested in?

And lastly, how do you like the Oxygen White color I chose for myself?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.


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