5 best Ancient Technologies in Palworld and how to unlock them

Although choosing the five best Ancient Technologies in Palworld is challenging, the more demanding thing is to unlock them. The items you craft, like the Pal Essence Condenser, using materials that include Ancient Civilization Parts, are called Ancient Technology tools. They are super helpful, play a critical role, and significantly improve your gaming experience.

From accessing potent weapons to activating automated feeders, the advanced instruments give you an upper hand in various situations. That said, we will now look at the five incredible Ancient Technologies and learn how to unlock them easily.

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Large Feed Bag, Mega Grappling Gun, and three other Ancient Technologies in Palworld

1) Egg Incubator

Details on Egg Incubator (Image via Pocketpair)
Details on Egg Incubator (Image via Pocketpair)

The Egg Incubator is one of the most essential Ancient Technologies in Palworld, which helps you hatch eggs. Out of many ways to get Pals, such as catching in the wild, you can hatch to obtain them. Some of the rarest critters in this MMORPG title can only be acquired through hatching. Thus, you should invest your Ancient Technology Points on the Technology menu and get your hand on the Egg Incubator’s blueprint.

Once you do that, you should collect the following materials to craft the device.

  • Materials: Paldium Fragments (10), Cloth (5), Stone(30), Ancient Civilization Parts (2)
  • Required Level: 7
  • Ancient Technology Points: 2

While some resources are easy to acquire, collecting materials like Ancient Civilization Parts is challenging. You will have to beat bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt to earn them.

2) Feed Bag

Details on Feed Bag (Image via Pocketpair)
Details on Feed Bag (Image via Pocketpair)

You can get various types of Feed Bags. If you are just starting your Palworld journey, sticking with a Small Feed Bag would be best. Since you will be investing your time to do more important things in the game as you progress, you wouldn’t want to feed your Pals manually by staying at your base.

It is time-consuming; although you may find it interesting to be with your critters, there are a lot more crucial jobs that you will need to take care of. Some examples are hunting down bosses to gather Ancient Civilization Parts and searching for Huge Dark Eggs.

A mechanic in Palworld allows you to feed your Pals on behalf of your presence. For that, you must unlock the Feed Bag option, one of the vital Ancient Technologies required in your base. In the early phase of the game, you will not need the Average or Large Feed Bag.

However, as you progress, like bringing more Pals to your base to carry out activities such as medicine production, you should consider getting the tool’s advanced version.

Check out the two most important Feed Bags.

Average Feed Bag:

  • Materials: Leather (10), Fiber (30), and Wood (10)
  • Required Level: 20
  • Ancient Technology Points: 2

Large Feed Bag:

  • Materials: Leather (20), Fiber (50), and Wood (20)
  • Required Level: 26
  • Ancient Technology Points: 3

3) Pal Essence Condenser

Details on Pal Essence Condenser (Image via Pocketpair)
Details on Pal Essence Condenser (Image via Pocketpair)

The Pal Essence Condenser is an Ancient Technology in Palworld that allows you to merge several of the same species of Pals as one to increase the ranking. What this structure does is that it improves the monster’s power, including Attack and Defense. For instance, if you have collected more than four Lifmunk, you can operate the Pal Essence Condesor to combine them all to power up an existing Lifmunk.

To get Pal Essence Condensor in Palworld, you must reach Level 14. Once you achieve the level, open the Technology menu and obtain the blueprint. After that, you will need the following items to craft the machine.

  • 20x Paldium Fragment
  • 20x Ingot
  • 5x Ancient Civilization Parts

Note that unlike the Feed Bag and Grappling Gun, the Pal Essence Condenser does not have different versions. Players of all levels use the same condensing equipment.

4) Grappling Gun

Details on Grappling Gun (Image via Pocketpair)
Details on Grappling Gun (Image via Pocketpair)

The Grappling Gun is the fourth most demanded Ancient Technology in Palworld. Like the Feed Bag, this weapon has multiple models. The more advanced the blueprint is, the more functional it is.

As soon as you gather the required Ancient Technology Points and materials needed to craft the arm, unlock the blueprint from the Technology menu to start building. It’s worth noting that starters should stick with the regular Grappling Gun to know how to use it and what it does.

Once you are comfortable with the weapon, you can go for the Mega, Giga, and Hyper models of the Grappling Gun. The landscape of Palworld is unpredictable, and with the tool, you can reach places you usually cannot get on foot.

The most useful is the Mega Grappling Gun.

  • Materials: Fiber (50), Ignot (20), Paldium Fragment (20), Ancient Civilization Parts (4)
  • Required Level: 17
  • Ancient Technology Points: 2

5) Sphere Launcher

Details on Sphere Launcher (Image via Pocketpair)
Details on Sphere Launcher (Image via Pocketpair)

If you are okay with throwing Spheres by confronting a Pal in Palworld, hold on to the urge to get Sphere Launchers. But to tell you the importance of this item, you can hurl a Sphere at a monster from a distance. Pals will be aware of your presence once you attempt to catch it. Thus, investing your resources to get the Sphere Launcher will give you the advantage in such scenarios.

There are three types of Sphere Launchers. Of all the ones, the important one is the Single-Shot Sphere Launcher.

  • Materials: Stone (100), Ignot (50), Paldium Fragment (50), Ancient Civilization Parts (5)
  • Required Level: 29
  • Ancient Technology Points: 4

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