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The difference between wireless internet and satellite internet

Having access to reliable internet has now become one of the essentials of modern life. Most people cannot imagine living their lives without the internet for a while, as almost everything we do is now digitalized. However, there is a stack difference between satellite internet and wireless internet. Satellite internet is one in which you have to tap into the communications satellites network in orbit.

If you need to purchase wireless Internet or any other form of Internet, you will have to subscribe with an Internet Service Provider. To know the best provider to patronize, you should see internet services online reviews on US-Reviews.

You need to have a piece of satellite equipment installed in your home; this equipment is usually installed at the most appropriate place after the signal strength of your property has been measured. Once you are connected, you can receive internet connectivity from the orbit. However, this is the oldest form of internet service and is not completely reliable.

The wireless internet uses a big network of vast towers. You don’t need to target a satellite, all that is needed is to connect your receiver dish with a nearby cell tower. Wireless internet is a lot more beneficial than satellite internet as it is more reliable. Here are the major differences between them:

Bandwidth and latency

This is one of the two measures of internet speed. Satellite internet has a slower bandwidth than wireless internet. You can download up to three times of what you will download with satellite internet at the same time. You can’t always help but notice the significant increase in speed. Latency is the other measure of internet speed.

Satellite internet has a high latency because it requires information to travel through the air to a satellite before it travels from … Read More ...

How to Choose Your Perfect Reseller Hosting Plan

Being a  hosting reseller is an excellent way of starting your own web hosting business with minimum investment and good profit prospects. However, running a Reseller Hosting business requires a lot of diligence and research to ensure you work with the best resources and practices. One of the most important factors in this is choosing the right Reseller Hosting plan. Having the best plan with you ensures you have the best-in-class features, a reliable uptime score, upgradable plans, WHM/cPanel support, WHMCS support and dedicated tech support.

Key factors to consider while choosing your perfect Reseller Hosting plan:

  1. Features and specifications
    Technical specifications and features are extremely crucial to your Reseller Hosting business. To be able to decide which plan you should go for, you need to have a clear understanding of your business requirements. You should determine the target group of customers, assess their specific needs, and then find the provider that offers you the perfect Reseller plan to meet those requirements. Being unable to fulfil the specific requirements of your customers can eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.
  2. Cost
    Though cost is an important factor while selecting the right Reseller Hosting plan, it must not be the deciding factor. Cost or price can be used as a comparison factor between different hosting providers to check who is providing the best set of features within a given price range. You can also go for the hosting providers who are ready to offer a long term contract at a discounted price. But offerings and specifications should always be your chart-toppers.
  3. Post-sales customer support
    Another very important factor to consider is the customer support that the potential web hosting providers offer. Since it is a continuous activity, the day-to-day operations and queries need swift handling, and by people who
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4 Important Things You Must Look For When Choosing a Lawyer

Have you ever been confused when choosing a lawyer? Because to get a suitable advocate to assist you when facing a case or something else, it is not as easy as we thought before.

Plus, ‘hiring’ the services of famous lawyers who already have big names is not a guarantee. Because they do not necessarily understand the psychological and material conditions experienced by their clients.

Not infrequently large lawyers actually seem to “underestimate” cases experienced by their clients. So the opinion that finding the right lawyer is as difficult as finding a mate, there is truth.

4 things to consider in choosing a lawyer, including:

1. Explore the area of expertise.

Each lawyer has different expertise, this can usually be known from their website pages. Therefore, do not choose a lawyer whose expertise is not in accordance with the problems we face, for more information : unemployment attorneys in Oklahoma

2. Find out their rates first.

Although the attorney’s code of ethics has stated that they should not burden their clients with unreachable fees, it is not uncommon for many clients to complain about the high tariffs set by their lawyers. Therefore, it is not strange if the prospective client can call the office of the lawyer who will be appointed to ask for the standard rate. If it feels appropriate, then it can be continued with the moment of consultation.

3. Choose a lawyer who wants to take the time to listen.

Many lawyers who already have big names apparently do not have time to even listen to complaints and discuss with clients. It gets worse if it turns out the lawyer also does not have an assistant or partner who can replace his role in discussing with his client. Choose a lawyer who isn’t too busy so you … Read More ...

How To Choose the Right OS for Your VPS Hosting

If you are developing a business website, then, soon you will have to start deciding on the hosting platform. With endless options available in the market today, it is indeed a tough choice to make when it comes to hosting solutions. Depending on your projected business growth (and site expansion), estimated budget, and your expectations from your hosting provider, you can choose the most suitable plan. If you are at the very first stage of your business with a low budget, then think shared hosting. But if you can afford a private server with customizable resources and need advanced security, then dedicated hosting should be your choice.

However, if you deal with high volumes of traffic or content on your site but you cannot afford dedicated hosting, then VPS hosting is your best and only solution.


VPS is like a midway between shared and dedicated hosting solutions. It gives you the advantage of private servers, each with their individual set of resources, but is overall cost-effective at the same time. With VPS hosting, there’s another choice that you have to make. It is choosing the right operating system for your server. VPS runs on both Windows and Linux OS, each with its respective sets of features.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to each OS of VPS hosting, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Linux VPS Hosting

It runs on the Linux- an open-source software. As such, site owners do not need to purchase any license to download, run, or upgrade the software. This radically reduces the monthly costs.

Linux based VPS hosting uses lesser resources in terms of hardware, storage, bandwidth, and data, which boosts site performance and minimizes chances of site downtimes.

It gives users complete access to the cPanel (control panel) and allows them … Read More ...

Why Guest Posting Is Critical In Any Marketing Campaign

Imagine a scenario in which your fresh out of the box new advanced advertising effort was bound from the begin.

This may seem like a bad dream for any business. Be that as it may, any advanced battle that doesn’t utilize guest posts should be over before it’s started.

There are a wide range of motivations to incorporate guest posting into your advanced promoting effort. Be that as it may, numerous organizations are as yet uncertain whether this will support their business or not.

Still wavering? Continue reading to find what guest posting can do to improve the situation you and your computerized battle!

Get More Subscribers

Before you plunge into guest posting, it’s vital to build up an objective. To put it plainly, what is your optimal result from a great guest posting service?

For instance, you may conclude that you need to build the quantity of committed email endorsers that you have. Giving strong substance to an expansive number of clients by means of a guest post is a marvelous method to do this.

At last, customers will possibly sign on to your email list on the off chance that they feel you will routinely have content that is important to them. With even a solitary post on the correct site you can build up yourself as a wellspring of substance that will profit these clients on a continuous premise.

Building Your Brand

Past explicit subgoals, for example, getting more email endorsers, there is one larger objective for guest posting. What’s going on here? Building your image, obviously!

According to a customer, your image’s quality is an indication of how dependable you are. Put all the more basically: individuals are bound to pick the name they know over the name that they don’t have the foggiest idea.… Read More ...

5 steps to get the best broadband for the office

We guide you through the process of buying the right broadband connection for your office.

As a business owner, you are obliged to install all the infrastructure required for smooth everyday operations. To this end, there must be enough office and pantry supplies, emergency electrical backup, sufficient working capital, etc. However, the most important piece of infrastructure is a good broadband connection.

How do you buy the best one for your office? Let these 5 factors guide you:

  1. Check for broadband availability in your area. A lot of service providers will put up advertisements about their best broadband plans, but it is all a wasted effort if their services are not viable for your locality. So the first step is to find out which service providers can install broadband connections in your area. You can find this out by keying in your search on Google by placing a marker for your locality. Or send a query to your desired service provider and have them ascertain the feasibility of providing a broadband connection to you.
  2. Check the latest plan prices. Once you identify the service provider(s) operating in your area, it is time to peruse their latest broadband plans. Look up leading providers like Airtel for the best plans. Airtel broadband connections are available in multiple plans split over 1 month, 6 months and 12 months plans. You also get excellent discounts when you sign up for Airtel broadband connections. If you are looking for broadband for a high-density use office space, then you should opt for the fibernet plan.
  3. Check the plan features. When you choose a particular plan, you must do so by comparing its merits against other options from other providers. Check how much data the plan provides each month, if there is data rollover option for unused
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Things to Know When Searching For VPNs Tests and Services

If you want to find the best virtual private network so that you can increase your privacy, bypass censorship and geo-restriction, or so that you can enjoy in torrenting without copyright penalties, it is essential to find appropriate service that will meet all your demands.

First, you should know that VPN is an easy and quick solution to make your computer apparent so that you can mask your current whereabouts and surf from a completely different location. However, there are differences between services, especially when it comes to internet speed, which why it is vital to find the fastest VPN service available for your specific needs.

This particular technology will create a virtual network that will route all your network activities from both mobile device and computer through an encrypted tunnel, which will make it seem that you are on any location in the world where the server is located, of course.

That will allow you to bypass restrictions, censorships and to stay anonymous and protected while surfing online. The main problem is that you will be able to find a vast array of VPN providers and services on the market, and the question is which one is the best for your specific needs and requirements.

Why Do People Use This Particular Service?

By using this particular software, you will be able to create a wholly virtualized network that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to surfing. It will encrypt your connection, which means that no one will be able to see what you are doing and what type of data you are transferring.

If you want to maintain the data, especially when you are using public networks, which are prone to breaches, you can ensure that no one will snoop your traffic or steal different passwords … Read More ...

Important tips to keep in mind when planning an event

Defining goals can be considered as the first step in event planning. During this stage, you think about the exact reason behind why you spend a lot of time, money and effort on organizing an event. It can be an event that is organized to raise awareness about a cause, a fundraiser, or a way to bring people together and let them have a good time. Why you should develop event goals and objectives? The answer to this question will be just a simple sentence or a paragraph that incorporates several reasons. No matter how many reasons you have, you need to develop the event goals and objectives in a proper manner. In fact, all the goal oriented events should possess defined objectives.

Many different methods are available for the people who are engaged in event management process to develop event goals. Here is a list of some of those methods.

First of all, you will need to pay special attention towards the target population. In other words, you need to have a clear understanding about who the event is intended for. Then you can take required steps accordingly to plan the event in a proper manner. For example, you can create your promotional campaigns accordingly to grab the attention of target audience. You will also be able to identify the best marketing strategies that you can use to reach your target audience in a convenient manner.

Then you need to think about providing the infrastructure facilities needed by the guests who come to the event. That’s where you should think about providing them with access to a reliable internet connection. Most of the people ignore this fact of getting event WiFi. As a result, the guests would end up with frustration. You need to make sure that it … Read More ...

WAN Networks and Telecommunication Examples

Do you remember when we used to have to visit someone simply to talk to them or give them a message? Probably not, and that’s because most of the people alive today have gotten used to the telecommunications lifestyle such as sd wan benefits and what they can do for society. Think about it, how much money, time and effort would it have cost someone to travel to another country to communicate with a long-distance relative? Tons of it, but now, with the touch of a button and an internet connection, we can have a phone call or video chat with almost anyone in the world. In this article, we will discuss WAN and telecommunications

WAN & Telecommunications

WAN is an acronym that stands for wide area network and is used to connect smaller networks to one larger network. This is often done when a big company like AT&T or Cox communications set up their wireless towers in a city, and then sub-divide certain networks to reach certain customers. This can go deeper and deeper with networks creating sub-networks and those sub-networks creating even more networks. As I write this article, I am connected to my phone’s internet via personal hotspot which creates a small network between my laptop and my iPhone.

My iPhone is connected to AT&T’s wide area network (WAN) in the city of Escondido, California which provides connection to all of its residents. This area is probably connected to another network which provides internet connection to the whole city of San Diego, then the whole state, and then networks may connect states together, and it grows until AT&T or another telecommunications provider gives network connections to whole countries.

Telecommunications in and of itself is a term given to networks of people using tools to communicate. The word … Read More ...

Website Tips for Small and Medium Enterprises

For small business owners having a website must be carefully thought out. Will the website later support its business or just in vain. Many think that when they have a website, the business will automatically become more successful. Many things must be considered before you want a website to support your business, for more information : IT support for small business

1) Competitor Research

First, try to find 5 examples of your competitor’s website for analysis. By doing this, you will quickly find out what you have to do and what doesn’t. Often it’s easier to work out what you want by looking at other examples. Learn from others’ mistakes and take inspiration from their success.

2) Determine Your Difference

Website Tips for Small and Medium Enterprises next is Thinking and working exactly what makes your business different from the others. Are you friendly? Cheaper? More exclusive? By understanding what sets you apart from competitors, you will make it easier in which direction your website will work and how information reaches your clients

3) Target Your Customers

Knowing who your target market is very important. Remember you can’t be everything to everyone. Focus on what you are targeting, rather than ending up with a website that is stuck in the middle and does not resonate with anyone.

4) Always Grow

Then Website Tips for the Small and Medium Enterprises next is Plan your website to be one that grows and develops with your business. It may have relevant special article columns on your website that can update and keep the site growing. Don’t build your site without changing anything, once the website is finished, then leave it alone. By updating, expanding and building your website will remain relevant and attractive to your customers. Not only will it attract new visitors, … Read More ...