Automation technology helps robots cook the perfect pizza

Automated solutions for the food sector

The PizzaBot – a vital component of Pizza Jukebox – operates as a highly automated solution. 

“We take an existing proven Red Mango concept for smoothies, add the PizzaBot™ technology that leverages robotics and automation to offer pizza without the need to add additional labour,” explains De Santis.

“It precisely measures and dispenses each ingredient, ensuring consistent placement and quantity with every pizza,” Kunkel says. “The beauty of automation lies in its ability to maintain recipe accuracy. Once the desired recipe is dialled in, the machine and the robot are programmed to deliver pizzas cooked in the same manner, within the same timeframe, every single time.” 

This guarantees two key benefits: Firstly, customers can enjoy consistently delicious pizzas and second, operators benefit from predictable execution, encompassing factors such as cost, production time and inventory management.

According to Kunkel, using automation and robotics, like the Pizza jukebox concept, it requires less labour and minimises waste in the process, thereby increasing profits with lower labour and food costs. 

In their partnership, L2F and Brix aim to combine the strengths of both worlds to create new and innovative food concepts. 

“Brix specialises in multi-brand franchising, offering superior products in the Better for You segments,” explains Kunkel. “Their mission is to provide exceptional franchise opportunities and they have a proven track record in successfully running and launching new concepts.

Meanwhile, L2F brings extensive experience in automation and robotics, with a particular focus on food automation.”