Creating Long Term Value Through Industrial Automation

In the dynamic landscape of technology, automation has become more than a luxury, it’s a game-changer. For those involved in manufacturing, if automation and robotics aren’t on your radar yet, you’re potentially missing out.

In this compelling episode of Getting Smart, host Brandon Pfluger invites an industry veteran to share his insights—Scott Marsic, the Group Product Manager of Robotics at Epson America. With an impressive track record in the realm of robotics, Marsic’s perspective is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to understand the strategic benefits of automation in manufacturing.

Throughout the conversation, Marsic provides an in-depth analysis of automation and its pivotal role in the manufacturing landscape. He shares real-world examples and relatable anecdotes, making the concept of automation and robotics more accessible than ever before.

Drawing from his extensive experience at Epson America, Marsic goes beyond the surface-level buzz around automation, offering listeners a deeper understanding of its transformative potential. His insightful observations, practical advice, and future predictions in the field of automation paint a vivid picture of what the future could look like for those who take the leap and embrace these technologies.

This “Getting Smart” episode is a must-listen for any manufacturer, business owner, or tech enthusiast looking to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly automated world. Tune in to gain a competitive edge and learn from Marsic’s expertise in leveraging the power of automation and robotics.