Digital Detox: Everything You Need to Know

Digital detox is good for you. If you already know what it means then, you should agree with this. However, if you do not understand what it means, read along because this article contains all that you need to know concerning digital detox.


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What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is usually when a person abstains from using tech/electronic devices and gadgets like phones, iPods, tablets, computers, laptops, etc., for a specific duration. This action called “detoxifying” is seen as a medium to release all the tension, stress, and addiction caused by personal gadgets and devices. The aim is to help a person focus more on his/her physical environment.


Why should a person carry out a digital detox?

In today’s world, technology is the order of the day. And in the process of using technology for nearly every activity, we have become very much accustomed to using our gadgets and devices more often than usual. This is a  problem that very few techniques and strategies can control, digital detoxification being one of them.


To give a further account of the importance of digital detoxification, we must know the disadvantages of excessive usage of electronic gadgets and devices. Here are a few disadvantages and how digital detoxification can aid them.


1.    Technology is highly addictive, and it prevents one from physical activities

Studies have shown that many people in America are lagging in terms of physical performance. Lots of children don’t find outdoor activities exciting nor partake in them because of addiction to the internet, video games, and phones. Rather than taking a walk or playing hide and seek, they would rather text or play video games. This has implications on their health, stamina, physique, and performance. A periodical digital detox can be beneficial in this situation. Abstinence from tech devices will help a person look into physical/ creative activities that are fun.


2.    Too much use of technology can cause disorders

Insomnia or sleeping disorder in many young adults has been linked to overuse of phones and computers. Many other mental disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety can arise from this condition. A digital detox can help them have more sleep and less internet connectivity. This will also help in reducing stress and anxiety.


3.    Technology addiction prevents one from being social

A lot of people spend more time texting and following people on the internet than actually meeting and knowing people in real life. Many people are socially awkward because they hide behind profiles and usernames. Rather than talking to actual people, they have over 500 mutual friends. This can cause loneliness, low self-esteem, and lack of communication skills. As usual, a periodical digital detoxification can prompt one to have real-life conversations with real-life people, go out to meet actual people, and make genuine friends.


How should you go about digital detox?

First things first, you have to know that having too much access to technological devices can cause challenges in your life. Secondly, you have to be determined to carry out a digital detox.


Make sure that you set your detox at a convenient time. It’s best to do a digital detox when you’re on holiday; that way, you wouldn’t need your gadgets for school work. If you’re working, weekends or public holidays are a good time for your digital detox.


Make preparations; list out the activities that you want to do. You must have fun while detoxing so that you get the benefits. Lastly, stay disciplined.


Digital detox is suitable for a healthy lifestyle; give it a try today.