Ford Motor Co. is revved up about Sydney Sweeney

Just call her Mustang Sydney.

Sydney Sweeney, the bombshell 26-year-old actress who is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, has completed her latest collaboration with Ford Motor Co. In partnership with the Dearborn, Mich., automaker, Sweeney designed a custom Mustang GT that was given away to a fan as part of a contest that launched in late January. The winner will see her vehicle, which is painted in a robin’s egg-blue exterior, for the first time at this week’s New York International Auto Show.

For Sweeney — the two-time Emmy nominee who stars on HBO’s “Euphoria” and helped push December’s “Anyone But You” to a worldwide box office gross of more than $200 million, making it the highest-grossing R-rated romantic comedy in more than a decade — the business arrangement with Ford is more than just another brand in her portfolio of endorsements, which also includes deals with Armani, Kerastase hair care products, Bai flavored water and Laneige cosmetics. Sweeney is a noted car enthusiast who loves getting under the hood of vehicles and who restores cars in her downtime away from filming.

“This partnership with Ford has been a dream come true!” Sweeney said this week in a statement to The Detroit News. “When I’m spending long days on set, it’s so grounding to just go to the shop after work and work on my latest car project. I love working on my own cars, and I hope that I inspire more girls to try things that (they) may have been told aren’t meant for them. Seeing a company like Ford step up and empower women is really meaningful.”

For Ford, the partnership — which included the March 2023 launch of a “Syd’s Garage” workwear line that included overalls, work pants, a bandana and a corduroy baseball cap, all of which quickly sold out from Ford’s online store — forms a bond with one of Gen Z’s hottest stars and gives it access to her fanbase, which isn’t necessarily already part of Ford’s customer base.