GXO Appoints Adrian Stoch as Chief Automation Officer

GXO Logistics, a contract logistics provider, has announced the appointment of Adrian Stoch as Chief Automation Officer. Stoch, previously the consumer division president of the Americas and Asia-Pacific region, will now have global responsibility for deploying automation capabilities to support GXO’s relationships. He will work alongside CEO Malcolm Wilson and CIO Sandeep Sakharkar to execute the company’s technology strategy and offerings.

Automation has been a key part of GXO’s value proposition since its formation in 2021, with approximately 30% of its revenue coming from automated solutions, compared to the industry average of 8%. The company defines “revenue from automation” as all revenue generated by sites that heavily rely on automated processes and machines for operations and customer volumes management.

With the increasing demand for technology and automated solutions, GXO aims to enhance its offerings and cater to customer needs. The appointment of Stoch as Chief Automation Officer reflects the company’s focus on this critical growth driver.

GXO’s automation efforts extend to the main warehouse process, as well as incorporating artificial intelligence and digital integration across the organization. Stoch will lead a team of global technology executives dedicated to advancing automation initiatives and driving innovation within the company.

By leveraging automation to streamline operations and improve efficiencies, GXO Logistics aims to solidify its position as a leader in the contract logistics industry.