GXO’s Mark Manduca talks automation and why a data academy could drive further innovation

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When GXO split from XPO as part of the latter’s efforts to create independent, sustainable businesses, some questioned the wisdom of a pure-play contract logistics provider. But a focus on technology, a strong portfolio of global companies, and expertise in the field of logistics helped GXO gain a strong foothold, maintain its established business, and grow.

Technology has infiltrated the supply chain, as we all know. GXO is one of the leading contract logistics providers out there and the company has been at the forefront of installing technology. With over 100 different technologies operating in its facilities for clients big and small, GXO is focused on getting the right technology for its customers.

So who better to join the Talking Supply Chain podcast than GXO chief investment officer Mark Manduca, who speak with host Brian Straight on all things technology. Manduca discusses how GXO has been able to retain customers, why more customers are looking for contract logistics providers, and how technology continues to change the game for the supply chain.

And there may be a surprise answer or two as well.

Listen: Technology powers contract logistics growth

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