Hoverwatch – Hidden Spy App to Track Android Devices Anytime


You may look for an application that lets you track your child’s Android mobile, or want to track what employees are doing to make sure they are not wasting valuable productive office time.  You may search for an app that discreetly gives you live location and also text messages of any phone that it’s installed on.

Hoverwatch is one of the best hidden spy apps for android. It comes with a ton of features and is free to try. A few features are detailed below-

  • Location tracker

The biggest feature of Hoverwatch is the ability to discreetly track the location of the mobile using GPS and Wi-Fi and send it to the server where it can be viewed by logging into the account. This feature is also useful if you want to track a lost or stolen phone as the application will work even if GPS and Wifi are turned off. The application can provide approximate location using the location of mobile network towers.

  • Call recording and SMS intercepting

Hoverwatch can record all calls and send it to your panel. It can also send you details of every SMS that goes in and out of the Android phone. This can be beneficial if you think your child is being troubled or may be getting into trouble as you can listen to all their conversations. Even if individual messages were read and immediately deleted by the user, they are still available for you to see.

  • Phone Internet browsing history

If you are worried that your child is spending too much time on the internet, you can view what is consuming most of their time. You get a full list of the websites they visit along with the time at which it was visited. You will be able to track if your child is visiting inappropriate websites without them finding out about it.

  • Screenshots

If your Android mobile is rooted, you can take screenshots of the device. That is exactly what was being viewed at a particular time. You can set the phone to take periodic screenshots and send it to the user panel online. This gives you the exact idea of what was being done at a particular time.

  • SIM card change tracker

If anyone gets a hold of your device and changes the SIM card, you will get details about that on your user panel. You can use this data to find your stolen phone.

  • Invisible Mode

One of the important features of this app is the ability to work as a hidden app. The user of the mobile has no idea that the app is installed on their device. This feature does not even require root! Now, this app will stay on your child’s phone without their knowledge while you have complete access to their locations, calls, browsing history and other data.

Not only does this app have these features, but it is also capable of recording Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber conversations, and media. Being one of the best-hidden spy apps on the market, Hoverwatch is very popular with concerned parents who want the best for their kids. It is easy to install to your device, simply-

  1. Sign up to get your free account with Hoverwatch.
  2. Download the Tracker Application to your device and install it.

That’s all you are required to do. Now you can use any browser, log-in to your account and track the target device.