How to Get Yourself an Excellent Listening Device Detector?

We’re living in times when you can never know who is watching and listening to your conversations. Especially if you go to a hotel, you can never know who was there previously and if they have installed devices that are going to listen to every word of yours.

The smartest thing to do before staying somewhere and leading important conversations over the phone or through the internet is to check if there’s something illegal inside. It’s best to have a device with you that will handle this issue.

This item is called a listening device detector. It is going to locate possible threats and lead you directly to the source of the threat. It usually uses a beeping sound that shows how far you’re are from the connection.

How do they work?

These listening devices use radio waves to transfer information from one place to another. Everything you speak is absorbed by a tiny microphone that will then transfer the information through radio waves to another location. Learn more about it here.

Radio waves are not a new technology, which is why there’s a counterattack to its threat. Radio waves are easily discoverable if you want to find them, but to be sure that you’re on the right track, you need to use the proper researching device.

Look for options online

The first thing to do is research online about the options you have. There are tons of companies manufacturing these items, and even more, sellers sending the product through the mail. All you need to do is find out which one will work best for you.

Search for these items on some of the biggest selling websites out there. See what they offer, but don’t forget to look some places else. On Amazon or eBay, there are usually resellers that will offer the same product at a much higher price, or provide something that’s not of the best quality.

Search for quality

As we already mentioned, the best thing to do at the beginning is to find out who’s doing a great job, and who’s selling poorly-made items. To know this, you need to look at the manufacturer’s portfolio.

Before buying anything, you can’t be sure about its quality, but you can always see who already uses this product. Brands that were purchased by large and important clients are surely not to be ignored. For example, if the US Navy uses a product, you can be sure that it’s great.

Check online reviews

In most cases, big clients like the ones we mentioned are not going to be available as a recommendation name. However, you can find recommendations online for products that ordinary people used. For example, all you need to do is go on Amazon and look under the product description.

You will find hundreds or even thousands of comments about how good a particular device is. A lot of people use these things, so you can be sure that you’re not the first one to try out a model sold on the internet.

Look for products that have an impeccable reputation. Not all bug detectors are the same and you want to find those that have the highest score. If they have a high score among their clients, it means that they catch listening devices easily. This is exactly what you want.

Those items with a poor reputation and a lower review score are not the best ones and you should avoid them. If more people claim that they didn’t have success finding a bug with them, but managed to find at least one with another device, then you know you will make a wrong choice if you get that one.

Check the features?

The more features a device has, the better it will be for you. Although you want them to have only one job, and that’s to find listening bugs, you’d want them to at least have the option of locating more at the same time and have a wider reach.

Mind the design

When someone sees you with it in your hands, you don’t want them to think of you as some weird person overreacting. That’s why you need to mask the appearance and if someone sees you with it, make them think that you’re holding something else in your hands. See more ideas on this link:

This is why manufacturers often make these items look like pens or electric cigarettes. This is the best design, as there’s no need for something extraordinary. Of course, if you don’t like this one, there are many of those who hold the traditional look of being a box with wires and an antenna on top. They both work, but you should choose which one is a better fit for your needs.


You should never stay somewhere away from home without checking if someone is recording what you say first. This is a simple technology and is most often highly affordable for anyone. Having one item in your bag is always smart. There’s no need to let other people use the information you have just because you didn’t get a bug detector.

Use these points from above to locate the ultimate best one. Although they use fairly simple technology known to mankind for more than a century, it is still not being properly used by all manufacturers. Check out the reviews, and see which one is amazing before getting it.