I’m a motors expert – here’s car accessory which always makes your motor look tacky… just don’t use them

A MOTORS expert has revealed which car accessory always makes your car look tacky.

TikToker Builo says using quick-release bumper fasteners on your ride makes it look cheap.

Quick release bumper fasteners are used when the latch on a car is broken


Quick release bumper fasteners are used when the latch on a car is brokenCredit: Amazon

Quick-release fasteners are stick-on ties to keep car’s bonnet, bumpers or boot down if the latches don’t work.

But Builo slammed the small clips in a video that has gained over 5,000 views.

The video shows cars using the button clips with the caption: “How to make your car look tacky in one easy step.”

Viewers rushed to the comments to defend the nifty ties.

One person wrote: “It’s fine if you’re actually using them for their purpose.”

Another added: “The past owner broke the screws to hold my bumper up, so I have small clips and these to hold my bumper up.”

But Builo defended his opinion and hit back at the comments.

He wrote: “There’s exceptions my point is that it’s NOT an accessory.”

It comes as drivers are being warned that common car accessories have the potential to fail an MOT or even leave them with a hefty fine.

It’s all to do with the driver’s visibility and the impact on safety of having accessories hanging from your rear-view mirror.

According to the latest Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency data, more than seven million cars fail their MOT every year.

The motoring experts at National Tyres and Autocare have warned drivers that their cars can fail MOTs due to a simple accessory.

Michael Bourne, group marketing director at National Tyres and Autocare, said: “Something as simple as a rear-view mirror car accessory can lead to your car failing its MOT due to failure of visibility.

“An MOT is one of the most important checks you need to remember when owning a car, alongside a regular service.

“Driving without a valid MOT means you will be breaking the law.

“If you are caught driving without an MOT it can lead to a £1,000 fine.

“If your vehicle is considered to be dangerous you can be fined £2,500, even if your MOT is still valid.

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“On top of this, you can get three points on your license and if you have been convicted of driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition within the past three years, you could be disqualified from driving for at least six months.”

Accessories like this include dreamcatchers and large hanging air fresheners that you might be tempted to personalise your car with.