Insane Chinese GP Trophy Revealed With Sensor-Activated Light Sequences

The Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix 2024 has introduced a new trophy, unveiling it at this year’s Lenovo Tech World. Designed with traditional Chinese elements and modern technology, the trophy features innovative light sequences activated by its sensors, similar to the ‘kiss trophies’ seen in the 2023 season.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix trophy, unveiled at Lenovo Tech World, combines traditional Chinese symbols with advanced technology, featuring a design inspired by the Chinese concept of “perfection” and dragon imagery.
  • Innovative features include sensors that activate various lighting modes, enhancing the interactive experience during the award ceremony.
  • The trophy was developed in collaboration between Lenovo and Pininfarina.

The 2024 Chinese Grand Prix has debuted a trophy that encapsulates the spirit of both Formula 1 racing and Chinese culture. Revealed at Lenovo Tech World, the trophy is set to be awarded at the event starting April 19 at the Shanghai International Circuit.

This year’s trophy breaks new ground with its design, deeply rooted in Chinese symbolism and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Crafted by Pininfarina in partnership with Lenovo, the trophy’s circular shape reflects the Chinese concept of ‘yuan man’ — a term that signifies perfection and completeness. Adding to the aesthetic, dragon imagery twines around the trophy, representing the current Year of the Dragon, and symbolizing power and good luck in Chinese culture.

The incorporation of a gold-encrusted laurel wreath motif connects the design to ancient symbols of victory, echoing the historic laurels awarded at the Olympic Games and past F1 triumphs.

The trophy is equipped with sensors that trigger various lighting modes when lifted or worn. These modes include a ‘chase a loop’, simulating the high speed of F1 cars on the track; a ‘spin around the trophy’, representing the spin of car wheels; a ‘revolve’, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang; and a ‘pulse’ mode, which emulates the powerful breath of a waking dragon.

Philip Marchington, Executive Creative Director of Corporate Marketing at Lenovo, highlighted the integration of cultural reflection in the design.

“This year, we challenged ourselves to elevate another classic F1 tradition through meaningful design and smarter technology.

“It was also important for us to create a trophy that reflected local Chinese culture.”

Paolo Trevisan, SVP of Design for Pininfarina, also commented on the design process, emphasizing the balance of aesthetics and innovation.

“It was an honor for us to design once again a beautiful and meaningful trophy for Lenovo. Our design process aimed at creating a balance between heritage and technology to reward the winners in this glorious sport.”

This innovation follows the tradition set by previous trophies, such as the world’s first kiss-activated trophy for the Japanese and United States Grand Prix in 2023, which illuminated with the national flag colors upon contact.