Lexus NX Spot from Quriosity Combines Esports with Cutting-Edge Automotive Tech

In a new, fast-paced Lexus spot, produced by Quriosity Productions, a young female gamer takes to her computer to chat with her male esports teammate before they get into their respective NX models to meet up for a professional gaming tournament. 

Titled ‘Game Time,’ the spot was created by the advertising firm, IW Group, and features 100 Thieves streamer and content creator Leslie Ann Fu, aka Fuslie. The spot was directed by Federico Mazzarisi, who lends his characteristically bold visual style and tone to the story. 

Set to an EDM track by Beauz, the spot highlights the Lexus NX 450h+, as well as the Lexus NX 350, as the two gamers drive along the streets of LA, plugging in for a quick recharge, and showing off the model’s Advanced Park capability. “Level up in the tech-forward, tech-ready Lexus NX,” says the closing voiceover, as we see Fuslie and her partner fist-bump on their way into an esports arena.

Fuslie has over 900,000 followers on her YouTube page, where she creates content and live streams a mix of live action and animation that appeals to a younger, game-savvy audience. Likewise, her appearance in the spot helps draw in a new, younger demographic for the brand, while the ad’s vibrant colours and tones add to its youthful appeal.

“Federico was a natural choice for this assignment,” says Quriosity’s West Coast EP, Mark Conley, “We’ve wanted to partner with him for a while but needed just the right project to come along, and this opportunity fit him perfectly.” No stranger to automotive work, the director’s portfolio includes spots for Alfa-Romeo, BMW, Fiat and Renault, as well as stylistic and visually stunning ads for brands like Nike, Vespa, Vogue, and Stella McCartney.

“The agency was also keen to diversify their vendor roster, which helped open the door for our company to bid on this project,” adds Quriosity founder and EP, Qadree Holmes, specifically citing the roles of IW’s VP, executive creative director, Cenon Advincula, and executive producer, Hugh Bacher. Quriosity, it should be noted, is a certified, minority-owned company. “We think this combination — the agency, the director, the creative quality of the script, and our production know-how, resulted in something that’s really magical.”

“In creating this spot, our primary aim was to evoke a sense of dynamism and a hi-tech, fun-to-drive experience,” says Federico. “We wanted viewers to feel the exhilaration of being behind the wheel, almost as if they were immersed in a video game. The spot was crafted to convey the feeling of truly connecting with the car and the joy of a futuristic driving experience.”

Federico says using esports as a theme provided an interesting creative platform from which to tell the story. “While they’re typically associated with a sedentary experience, we wanted to infuse this spot with a sense of movement and excitement, akin to the passion people have for gaming,” he explains. “Our approach centred on innovative camera work to capture the sensation of motion, reminiscent of widescreen gaming. This involved using techniques such as wide angles, bird’s-eye views, and FPV drones to create dynamic and engaging footage, effectively translating the thrill of gaming into the world of driving.

“Collaborating with Quriosity as our production partner was an incredibly rewarding experience,” Federico continues. “Everyone was fully committed to delivering exceptional work. They brought together a fantastic team, spanning production, camera crew, and artistic departments. From the exceptional work of DOP, Scott Cunningham, and production designer, Alessandro Marvelli, to the contributions of the stylist and the post-production teams at Where The Buffalo Roam and Ethos Studios, the partnership with Quriosity resulted in a fresh and visually captivating spot.”

Holmes echoes the sentiment, praising the director for the creative talent he brought to the project. “Federico was committed from the moment he started page one of the treatment to make this Lexus spot a masterpiece,” he says. “No one does transitions like Fede. It was his vision for the transitions between scenes that really won him the job, and he delivered.”