Luminar Technologies, Inc. Receives Positive Ratings and Institutional Interest as it Expands in the Automotive Technology Sector

In a recent report by Bloomberg, it has been revealed that Luminar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LAZR) has received a “Moderate Buy” consensus rating from eight different ratings firms. The company, which specializes in automotive technology and provides sensor technologies and software for vehicles, has garnered the attention of analysts and investors alike.

The ratings firms that have covered Luminar Technologies are comprised of one research analyst who rated the stock as a sell, two others who issued a hold rating, and an overwhelming majority of five who gave a buy rating to the company. This positive sentiment towards Luminar Technologies is indicative of the confidence placed in the company’s potential for growth and success in the market.

Furthermore, brokers who have analyzed Luminar Technologies over the past year have set an average twelve-month target price of $12.42 for the stock. This suggests that there is significant upside potential for investors who choose to buy shares at their current valuation.

Luminar Technologies operates in two segments: Autonomy Solutions and Advanced Technologies and Services. The Autonomy Solutions segment focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling laser imaging sensors or lidars, along with perception and autonomy software solutions. These offerings primarily target original equipment manufacturers in industries such as automobiles, commercial vehicles, robo-taxis, and related sectors.

It is worth noting that various institutional investors and hedge funds have recently made adjustments to their stakes in Luminar Technologies. For example, Pitcairn Co. increased its holdings by 7.4% during the fourth quarter, while State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D boosted its position by 13.0%. MGO One Seven LLC also entered into a new position with the company during the same period.

The growing interest from institutional investors highlights Luminar Technologies’ potential as an attractive investment option within the automotive technology industry. These strategic moves indicate that these investors see promise in the company’s sensor technologies and software solutions, positioning it for potential growth and profitability.

In conclusion, Luminar Technologies, Inc. has received a “Moderate Buy” consensus rating from various ratings firms. The positive sentiment towards the company is underscored by the buy rating from the majority of analysts and the target price set by brokers. Moreover, the interest shown by institutional investors and hedge funds further reinforces the belief in Luminar Technologies’ potential for success. As the company continues to evolve and expand its offerings in the automotive technology sector, investors may find themselves presented with a compelling opportunity for long-term capital appreciation.

Luminar Technologies, Inc.



Updated on: 04/07/2023

Price Target

Current $6.78

Concensus $16.00

Low $8.00

Median $17.00

High $21.00

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Analyst Ratings

Analyst / firm Rating
J.P. Morgan Buy
Citigroup Buy
Kevin Cassidy
Rosenblatt Securities
Northland Securities Buy
John Murphy
Bank of America Securities

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Luminar Technologies: Analyst Evaluations, Insider Transactions, and Financial Performance

In the realm of equities research, analysts have been closely examining and assessing the performance of Luminar Technologies (NASDAQ: LAZR) shares. These experts, with their keen eyes for market trends and financial prognostications, have provided valuable insights into the future trajectory of this automotive technology company.

One such analysis came from Citigroup, who adjusted Luminar Technologies’ price objective from $19.00 to $18.00 in a report issued on May 16th. This revision, while a slight decrease, still maintains a positive outlook for the company’s stock value. Similarly, JPMorgan Chase & Co., in their research note on March 6th, raised Luminar Technologies’ price objective from $15.00 to $20.00. Their “overweight” rating indicates confidence in the company’s future prospects.

In April 25th, Jefferies Financial Group initiated coverage on Luminar Technologies by providing a “buy” rating and setting a price target of $12.00 for the stock. This positive evaluation reflects optimism regarding growth potential and performance within the industry. Conversely, TD Cowen dropped its price target from $12.00 to $10.00 but maintained an “outperform” rating on May 10th.

However, The Goldman Sachs Group adopted a more pessimistic perspective by reducing their price objective for Luminar Technologies from $5.00 to $4.50 with a “sell” rating on April 13th.

While these evaluations provide valuable guidance to investors, it is essential to consider all available information when making decisions about investing in stocks.

More recently, insider activity has caught the attention of market observers as CFO Thomas Fennimore sold 16,543 shares of Luminar Technologies stock on June 5th at an average price of $7.21 per share—an overall transaction value of approximately $119,275.03. Following this sale, Fennimore now holds 711,004 shares, valued at approximately $5,126,338.84.

Moreover, insider Alan Prescott sold 37,433 shares of Luminar Technologies stock on the same day at an average price of $7.21 per share—totaling $269,891.93. Prescott’s stake in the company now stands at 1,509,453 shares with an approximate value of $10,883,156.13.

These transactions were disclosed in legal filings with the SEC and provide valuable insights into the actions of insiders who possess critical information about the company’s prospects.

Luminar Technologies operates in two key segments: Autonomy Solutions and Advanced Technologies and Services—primarily serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry across various regions globally. The company specializes in manufacturing and selling laser imaging, detection, and ranging sensors (lidars) along with related perception and autonomy software solutions. This product offering caters to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, robo-taxis, and adjacent industries.

As of Monday’s opening bell at $6.88 per share, Luminar Technologies stock reflects a fifty-day simple moving average of $6.43 and a two-hundred-day simple moving average of $6.55. Within the past twelve months, the stock has seen a low of $3.91 and a high of $11.35—a price range that speaks to its potential volatility.

Luminar Technologies boasts a market capitalization of $2.60 billion accompanied by a negative price-to-earnings ratio (-4.91) and a beta coefficient indicative of higher than average market sensitivity (1.56). The company maintains robust liquidity ratios such as a quick ratio of 4.77 and a current ratio of 4.92 while also carrying significant debt-to-equity ratio standing at 14.23.

When Luminar Technologies released its quarterly earnings data on May 9th, the results showed a reported earnings per share of ($0.39), falling short of analysts’ consensus estimates of ($0.36) by a margin of ($0.03). However, the company’s revenue for the quarter amounted to $14.51 million—a figure surpassing the consensus estimate of $13.23 million.

It is expected that Luminar Technologies will post negative earnings per share (-1.26 EPS) for the current year based on forecasts from a group of equities analysts.

To discern the future trajectory of Luminar Technologies and make informed investment decisions, investors should carefully consider all available information, including analyst evaluations, insider transactions, and financial performance metrics issued in recent reports.