MethaneSAT Set to Transform Global Methane Emission Tracking with Advanced Technology

MethaneSAT Set to Transform Global Methane Emission Tracking with Advanced Technology

by Clarence Oxford

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Feb 08, 2024

Ball Aerospace has marked a significant milestone in environmental monitoring by delivering the MethaneSAT satellite to Vandenberg Space Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California, setting the stage for its launch next month. This pivotal mission, developed in collaboration with MethaneSAT, LLC-a subsidiary of the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)-aims to provide unparalleled insights into the scale and sources of global methane emissions, a critical factor in the fight against climate warming.

Methane stands as the second leading driver of climate change, trailing only carbon dioxide, as identified by NASA. The MethaneSAT mission, leveraging Ball Aerospace’s expertise, is designed to address a crucial gap in current satellite monitoring capabilities. By integrating two advanced spectrometers, the satellite will have the capability to both locate and quantify methane emissions worldwide. Unlike existing satellites that focus on either broad-scale tracking or high-precision targeting of point sources, MethaneSAT promises to bridge this gap. It will utilize a 200km field of view to assess regional-scale emissions while employing high-resolution sensors capable of isolating emissions down to individual facilities.

Dr. Alberto Conti, Vice President and General Manager of Civil Space at Ball Aerospace, emphasized the mission’s potential impact: “MethaneSAT will shine a bright light onto the sources of methane production, providing the public with unimpeachable scientific data about the true extent of methane emissions around the world.” He expressed hope that the data gathered by MethaneSAT would inspire policymakers to set more ambitious emission reduction targets, thereby encouraging global leaders to intensify their methane management efforts.

The collaboration between Ball Aerospace, EDF, and MethaneSAT, LLC, extends beyond the design and construction of the satellite’s primary scientific instrument. Ball Aerospace is also leading the spacecraft integration, environmental testing, and will support the mission’s launch and commissioning phases. In a move towards enhancing mission transparency, EDF is developing a cloud-based platform to distribute MethaneSAT data publicly and without charge, allowing for comprehensive access to the mission’s operations and findings.

Dr. Steven Hamburg, MethaneSAT mission lead and EDF Chief Scientist, highlighted the mission’s singular focus: “MethaneSAT is built for one purpose: providing data to protect the Earth’s climate.” He lauded the Ball Aerospace team for their critical role in achieving the mission’s ambitious precision goals, noting that their expertise and dedication are key to unlocking potential global benefits at a crucial moment for climate action.

This collaborative effort between Ball Aerospace, MethaneSAT, LLC, and EDF represents a significant advancement in environmental monitoring technology. By providing detailed and accessible data on methane emissions, MethaneSAT aims to empower global efforts to combat climate change, offering a new tool in the arsenal against global warming.

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