Midea V12 Earns IFA Innovation Award with Its Advanced Technology

In a world where smart technology continues to redefine convenience, the Midea V12 takes a prominent spot as a trailblazer in the realm of home cleaning. This groundbreaking robotic vacuum cleaner recently claimed the prestigious Innovation Award at IFA 2023, and it’s easy to see why. With its revolutionary self-emptying and self-cleaning technology, versatile wet and dry cleaning capabilities, and eco-friendly design, the Midea V12 sets a new standard for automated cleaning solutions.

Advanced, Self-Cleaning Design

Cleaning has evolved into a hassle-free task with the Midea V12 by your side. This cutting-edge robotic vacuum cleaner boasts advanced self-emptying, self-washing, and self-drying systems that redefine convenience.

Once it completes its home-cleaning cycle, the Midea V12 returns to its docking station for a meticulous cleaning of its own. The docking station’s base effectively rids the mop of debris, leaving it sanitized and ready for the next mission. This touch-free and hygienic approach guarantees not only a spotless home but also a germ and allergen-free environment. With a capacious 3L dustbag, capable of holding dust for up to 60 days, the V12 is perfect for busy households.

Fresh, Clean Mops

The Midea V12 goes the extra mile to preserve the freshness of your cleaning equipment. Following the cleaning process, an extraordinary drying cycle commences, but this isn’t your typical drying process. The unit elevates the air temperature to approximately 131°F, actively preventing mold growth and the emergence of unpleasant odors. This innovation ensures that your cleaning tools remain in immaculate condition, always primed to tackle any mess with unwavering vigor.

Seamless Navigation Empowered by 3D Obstacle Detection

Maneuvering around obstacles can be a challenge for most cleaning devices, but the Midea V12 gracefully overcomes this hurdle with its cutting-edge 3D Obstacle Detection Technology. This system, reinforced by precise LiDAR technology, enables the robot to deftly navigate around a multitude of obstacles. By swiftly mapping its surroundings, the V12 accomplishes a thorough cleaning experience while minimizing collisions and accidental falls.

Unrivaled Cleaning

The Midea V12 isn’t just a marvel of smart technology; it excels in delivering unparalleled cleaning performance. With an impressive 5000Pa suction capability, the V12 ensures not only the big crumbs and lingering pet hair are removed, but also the tiniest specks of dust are captured, leaving your floors impeccably clean.

The dual spinning mops, operating at an impressive 200 RPM, provide a thorough scrubbing action that rejuvenates your floors, leaving them sparkling. And, it’s not just the scrubbing action that will get your floors spotless. The V12 uses a specialized chenille double-disk ultra-thick mopping cloth which boosts dirt absorption, guaranteeing your floors not only remain clean but also shine brilliantly.

Midea V12: The Embodiment of Innovation

From its remarkable specifications to its cutting-edge features, the Midea V12 stands as a superior robotic vacuum cleaner in today’s market. It comes as no surprise that it clinched the Innovation Award at IFA 2023.

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