Modern Resume Templates Tips to Make Your Resume Look Outstanding

Let’s see how to make your Office Resumes look different with the right formatting and the right choice of creative design.

1. Highlight Like an Ad Writer

Your resume is an advertisement of yourself. Then you must think about it like a copywriter who will write an ad copy.

Use the remaining part of your resume for your important achievements.

Use bold formats to highlight significant achievements and key words. The goal is to emphasize critical words that immediately inform employers about what they want to know about you. You will want your key points to stand out on the resume even if they only see them at a glance.

2. Use Different and Not awkward Fonts

Use a different font but remain formal and readable. Times New Roman and Arial are too common these days, so try non-cursive fonts like Calibri, Cambria, Helvetica, and Verdana.

The Garamond and Lucida sans fonts look classy but not too familiar like Times Roman, so it might make your resume look different and more modern.

3. Stop Playing with Your Resume Margin

A one-page resume with very thin margins will be difficult to read, and sometimes the information cannot be interpreted correctly by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Don’t sacrifice your eyes, or the eyes of the recruiter to squeeze your resume into one page. Use the right margin and don’t be afraid to use two pages if you have to do it. There are ways to write a concise resume without sacrificing the readability of your documents.

4. Explain What Is in a URL

Adding links to an online portfolio does not guarantee the recruiter will click on it.

You must motivate them to do it. Add a brief description of what they can expect to see in your portfolio.

5. Consider Eye Movement (Groove)

You can be creative when designing your resume, but the resulting layout must be easy to follow and not overcrowded.

People read from left to right, so that must be your main guide in positioning the most important aspects of your resume. Use colors, columns, and head text to strategically guide the reader’s eye movements.

Also, start with professional resume templates (modern resume templates) that are clearly different and you will get better results faster.

6. Think outside the box (for your industry)

“Having just recruited for a marketing position, we have received a number of resumes that are really interesting that candidates don’t just mention their experience and expertise. They visually display their expertise.

This makes recruitment far more fun than just tracing a stack of black and white documents, “said Sarah Dowzell, COO and founder of Natural HR.

A little creativity can have a very long impact in making your resume look different. In creative industries such as film, video, design, and programming, sending modern resume templates that are out of the box will give you huge benefits compared to applicants who use traditional resumes.