Palworld: How to get Ancient Technology Points

Jessica Filby

One of the most important resources in Palworld is Ancient Technology Points as they’re the key to unlocking new tools, structures, and items. Here’s how you can get Ancient Technology points in the creature collecting game.

The latest monster-taming phenomenon is Palworld, an open-world survival game from POCKETPAIR. If you want to survive in the monster-filled world, you’ll have to catch a lot of Pals, defeat tough bosses, and make sure you’ve got plenty of resources on hand.

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One of the most essential materials you can find is Ancient Technology Points. If you want to regularly unlock new tools and items these points are extremely important but due to their rarity they can be difficult to find. So, here’s exactly how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Palworld Ancient Technology pointsPocket Pair

Players can gain Ancient Technology Points by battling and taking down any of the Dungeon bosses, Syndicate Tower bosses, and Alpha Pals in Palworld.

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Perhaps the best method for getting Ancient Technology Points early is to fight the Syndicate Tower bosses since they reward players with five Ancient Technology Points once you defeat them. The other bosses will give you just one Ancient Technology Point.

It’s also worth noting that if you take down the boss again, you won’t get any more Ancient Technology Points, so it’s not really something you can easily grind unless you can get to all the bosses quickly.

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So there you have it, that’s how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. While finding the next boss to defeat, take a look at some of our other handy Palworld guides and content:

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