Robotic Technology and It’s Impact on Painting Proves That Automation is in The Future

September 29, 2023


The advent of robotic technology is revolutionizing manufacturing and painting processes by elevating them to unprecedented heights. Tony Kerkhove, a seasoned professional in the painting industry, has a firsthand account of the transformative impact of robots within DeGeest Corporation’s paint department, where automation is integrated to streamline workloads and increase efficiency. The robots replicate human tasks all while eliminating the physical strain and that comes with manual painting. They offer diverse settings to adapt to varied part sizes and other details. This ensures quality while fostering a safer and more productive working environment. 

This  connection between man and machine opens up a new horizon of possibilities and improvements within the painting sector. It also allows professionals like Kerkhove to explore deeper into the art and science of their craft with robotic technology. Kerkhove talked to DeGeest Corporation President, Derek DeGeest for a segment of Manufacturing a Stronger Standard at FABTECH 2023. He talked about how he’s been witness to how Degeest and its technological prowess are sculpting the future of manufacturing one stroke at a time.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.