Sensory Leads Automotive Technology Innovation With Groundbreaking AI Platform Unveiling At CES 2024

Sensory, the forefront embedded AI and voice technology company, is set to capture the automotive industry’s attention with the introduction of its state-of-the-art AI automotive platform at CES 2024.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sensory, the forefront embedded AI and voice technology company, is set to capture the automotive industry’s attention with the introduction of its state-of-the-art AI automotive platform at CES 2024. This visionary solution, driven by advanced AI, voice, and vision technologies, promises not only to redefine driving safety but also revolutionize the user-vehicle interaction, setting a new standard for the future of automotive technology.

At the heart of Sensory’s cutting-edge technology is an on-device AI platform, seamlessly integrating voice and vision capabilities to usher in a new era of automotive interactions, including access to on-device large language models designed for automotive applications and control.

A unique custom wake word stands out as a testament to Sensory’s commitment to personalization, allowing users to effortlessly issue natural language commands and control mechanisms, making driving more intuitive and enjoyable.

“We’ve engineered an unparalleled AI automotive platform that ensures not just a safer driving environment but also a truly personalized user experience,” emphasized Sensory’s CEO, Todd Mozer. “Our on-device solution, featuring an exclusive custom wake word, marks a transformative step towards redefining how individuals interact with their vehicles.”

Beyond voice commands, the platform employs AI camera technology to detect driver drowsiness, distraction levels, and even tracks the driver’s focus. Biometric features like facial or voice recognition ensure secure and personalized interactions within the vehicle. With support for over 35 languages and compatibility with various operating systems, including Android Auto, the platform incorporates Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to accurately discern user intentions.

Moreover, the platform integrates Sound ID technology to identify critical external sounds like emergency vehicle sirens while driving. While parked, it can recognize sounds like barks, cries, or glass breaks, notifying users via mobile phone to ensure heightened awareness and safety.

In a digital age where, as Jen Caltrider from Mozilla remarks, “All new cars today are privacy nightmares on wheels that collect huge amounts of personal information,” and where every car brand they assessed received their *Privacy Not Included warning label, Sensory’s dedication to privacy shines through.

Our on-device speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines are designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and maintain a compact footprint, with the entire suite requiring as little as 200MB and the speech-to-text component alone just 20MB. This level of efficiency is achieved without sacrificing performance, while addressing the privacy concerns prevalent in today’s automotive technology as noted by Caltrider. These functions can also be combined with cloud-based large language models for random queries, purchases, and standard offerings from various cloud models.

“Sensory’s automotive platform not only sets new benchmarks in accuracy and efficiency but also champions data privacy and in-car control,” added the CEO. “Our aim is to seamlessly complement cloud-based voice assistants while empowering automakers with complete control over in-car commands and data.”

Furthermore, Sensory’s platform is designed for integration with leading voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, ensuring seamless collaboration with existing voice assistants through intelligent handoffs and cognitive arbitration using multiple wake words. The platform’s exceptional performance and reliability are evident in its compliance with Apple’s stringent requirements for Enhanced Siri, specifically tailored for the automotive sector.

Sensory’s commitment to providing a comprehensive, tailor-made solution is evident in its willingness to collaborate with OEM partners, positioning the company at the forefront of automotive technology trends.

The official unveiling of Sensory’s AI automotive platform at CES 2024 marks a new chapter in the evolution of driving experiences, promising a seamless, safe, and highly personalized future on the roads.

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