Some Dodge Demon 170 Buyers Got to Choose One-of-One Paint Jobs

A select few allocation-holders for the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 were chosen to have their cars painted in one-of-one paint colors, Motor Authority reports.

Around 20 to 25 Demon 170 customers were hand-picked by Dodge to be offered a “Jailbreak” option for their cars, according to Motor Authority. This option included the opportunity to pick one of 40 unique colors for their car not offered as standard from the factory. All customers chosen were sent an email with all available colors, and the first to reply with their color choice reportedly got their selection.

A Dodge spokesperson confirmed the unpublicized option to Motor Authority, saying the buyers were chosen based on loyalty to the Dodge brand.

“Select individuals were offered this exclusive paint option based on their new Dodge Charger and Challenger purchase history and Dodge brand affiliation,” the spokesperson told Motor Authority. “This one-of-one paint option will add an extra layer of customization and collectability to the record-breaking Challenger SRT Demon 170, and was made available on a limited basis to those who have meant so much to the latest era of Dodge muscle. The option is no longer being offered.”

Having a Demon 170 with one of these one-off paint jobs will undoubtedly make these buyers most worthy of envy in the Challenger crowd. It should also make their cars far more valuable versus a standard version of the 1025-hp muscle car. Back in June, someone paid $700,000 for the final Demon 170 build slot allocation. So we can only imagine how much collectors will fork up for these Jailbreak-optioned cars.

Headshot of Brian Silvestro

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