The Highest-Horsepower Muscle Cars You Can Buy in 2023

We’ll say it up front: good luck finding many of these cars for sale at full sticker price in the real world—most will be optioned up from base and command a dealer markup. To get the deal you want, you’ll need an army of informants, a lot of time to research, hard cash in hand, and some patience. Once upon a time, you could order anything you wanted from a dealer. (Manufacturer’s still make you think that’s possible with online build configurators.) With sold orders, a dealer doesn’t have to floorplan or finance the inventory, so they normally make more profit on these, but 2023 is anything but normal.

Our research discovered dealers are having a field day gouging customers, charging $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, and even $100,000 over full-price MSRP. For some models we searched, we could find no dealer in the nation willing to charge sticker price for some models (Z06, Super Stock). That changes the outlook considerably, so while you ponder the purchase of a new ZL1 Camaro with a $10K dealer markup, you might find out it pays to buy an LT1 Camaro at sticker price and have an extra $40K or so to spend on bolt-ons and, say, a two-bedroom house in Oklahoma. You’ve been warned. But what if we lived in a world where you could buy a car at a fair price—we’re talking full sticker. This is such an exercise. Here’s car number 11 on our list …