The Role of Power and Energy Automation in Commercial and Residential Technology


On this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas and guest Joe Piccirilli from Rosewater Energy dig into the future of power and energy automation. They discuss the evolving role of ‘energy integrators’ who are key to managing diverse power sources in today’s homes and businesses.

Joe highlights the impact of technological advancements, particularly home automation and LED lighting, on power consumption and the challenges they bring. The conversation turns to the importance of seeking professional help for complex installations, emphasizing efficiency and expertise.

The episode also touches on the future role of AI in power management, predicting smarter, more efficient homes and businesses. For anyone interested in the future of energy integration and how it’s shaping our world, this episode is a must-listen.

Catch the full discussion on Pro AV Today for an engaging and informative dive into the world of energy automation.