Toronto police want your help to crack down on illegal car sales

Auto thefts have been rising across Toronto and the province.

In Toronto in 2022 there were 9,606 vehicles reported stolen.

That’s a 192 per cent increase since 2015.

Insurance industry group Equite Association has said that car thefts across Ontario rose more than 48 per cent in 2022 over the previous year.

Toronto police are asking you to report information about stolen vehicles.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council says that 30 per cent of private car sales in Ontario are by “curbsiders,” a term that refers to unregistered vendors who often trade in stolen cars.

Toronto Crime Stoppers chair Sean Sportun says police will be working more closely with the motor vehicle industry moving forward.

He says the public also has a responsibility to report any information about illegal curbside sales.

Sportun says people should not be afraid of facing retribution from criminals for tipping off police, assuring that anonymously reporting to Crime Stoppers is a secure way to provide information.


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