Toyota Crown SUV Confirmed For US, Debuts November 14 At LA Auto Show

The 2023 LA Auto Show is just around the corner, and we can confirm Toyota will be there with something new. Specifically, you’ll see an SUV version of the Crown on November 14. A new teaser image at the top of this post shows the upper portion of the rear hatch, and we can confirm that yes, it’s a Toyota Crown. Revolutionary stuff, this.

Actually, we have a bit more background to share on this forthcoming model. A previous teaser from Toyota dropped on October 24, showing the lower portion of the SUV’s backside wearing an HEV AWD badge. That obviously references the hybrid powertrain, which should be the same as what’s offered on the Crown sedan sold in the States. To refresh your memory, that’s either a 2.5L four-cylinder or 2.4L turbo, both merged with two electric motors. The turbo version generates 340 horsepower, while the mild-mannered 2.5 offers 38 miles of electric-only range.

Toyota Crown Estate
Toyota Crown Estate
Toyota Crown Estate

And lest we forget, while just one Toyota Crown is currently sold in the US, Toyota offers a fleet of Crowns in Japan. The SUV debuting at the LA Auto Show should be the Crown Estate, though don’t let the name fool you. As the above photos show, it’s not a station wagon but an SUV with sharp lines and a flat roof. Actually, it does bear some resemblance to a traditional station wagon, albeit one with some ground clearance. In any case, Toyota calls it an SUV, and so will we.

Of course, this all assumes the vehicle coming to LA is, in fact, the Crown Estate revealed for Japan earlier this year. The teaser image shows lights and a rear hatch identical to the gold Estate, albeit without a rear window wiper. Curiously, the Crown Sport recently revealed does have the wiper, but the liftgate design is completely different.

Will Toyota have any surprises in store for the Crown SUV sold in the States? Join us on November 16 for the official debut and get all your questions answered.