Verstappen picks his ideal teammate and driver duo

Norris and Piastri

Max Verstappen has revealed which drivers he would choose in an ideal Formula 1 team lineup.

The three-time World Champion has been linked with Lando Norris previously, as a potential replacement for Sergio Perez should he underperform in the Red Bull this year.

The Dutchman revealed that he would like to see himself alongside Norris in the future, after the pair had moments battling for race victories on track last season.

“I find it hard to choose, because there are so many other good drivers right now,” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Can I choose myself? Then I choose myself as a driver, with Lando as a teammate. After all, he is still young, with a great career ahead of him. He can also be very, very fast.”

Excluding himself, the seven-time World Champion was asked which drivers he felt were producing the strongest results on track.

“Lando together with Oscar Piastri, so the McLaren duo. Both of them are good,” said Verstappen.

“Lando is just a little older than Oscar. I think Oscar is a fast rookie. He still has things to learn, such as improving his racing pace. But from what I see, he’s a smart guy. He will win his races.”

Verstappen prefers older cars

Although the current generation of cars create better chances for overtaking, how does Verstappen compare them to the previous generation last raced 2021?

“In the old cars I had more fun,” said Verstappen.

“Those cars were more agile, because they were a bit lighter. Also, the new tires are a bit stiffer. If you experience a moment, it’s harder to control the car and not lose too much time.

“You lose a lot of time now and the weight doesn’t help in the slow corners. All in all, it becomes harder to drive the perfect lap.”