WAN Networks and Telecommunication Examples

Do you remember when we used to have to visit someone simply to talk to them or give them a message? Probably not, and that’s because most of the people alive today have gotten used to the telecommunications lifestyle such as sd wan benefits and what they can do for society. Think about it, how much money, time and effort would it have cost someone to travel to another country to communicate with a long-distance relative? Tons of it, but now, with the touch of a button and an internet connection, we can have a phone call or video chat with almost anyone in the world. In this article, we will discuss WAN and telecommunications

WAN & Telecommunications

WAN is an acronym that stands for wide area network and is used to connect smaller networks to one larger network. This is often done when a big company like AT&T or Cox communications set up their wireless towers in a city, and then sub-divide certain networks to reach certain customers. This can go deeper and deeper with networks creating sub-networks and those sub-networks creating even more networks. As I write this article, I am connected to my phone’s internet via personal hotspot which creates a small network between my laptop and my iPhone.

My iPhone is connected to AT&T’s wide area network (WAN) in the city of Escondido, California which provides connection to all of its residents. This area is probably connected to another network which provides internet connection to the whole city of San Diego, then the whole state, and then networks may connect states together, and it grows until AT&T or another telecommunications provider gives network connections to whole countries.

Telecommunications in and of itself is a term given to networks of people using tools to communicate. The word telecommunication means communication over a distance by the use of cables, broadcasting, telephones. It is the branch of technology that has to do with communication, so now even using Skype or FaceTime has become a form of telecommunication.

If we were to go back one hundred years with an iPhone in our hands, we would have either become gods, or would have gotten hung because the device would be seen as a thing of the devil. But look at our society today, we cannot live without our digital devices. People can communicate with their families when they have been away for a long time, when they’re in a different place because of work, or even because they are permanently disconnected from them in another country.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed what WAN is and why it is important. We also discussed telecommunications and what they are, how they have evolved, and why they are so important to our well-being as a species. We hope you learned something from this article and understand that whether you are using your phone to go on Instagram, or the internet, you are part of a WAN.