Why Do People Usually Talk to Slot Machines?

The psychological moment

Very often, slot machines are compared to crack or cocaine, as they are a great addiction for thousands of gamblers worldwide. No matter where a gambler plays slots, at leading online casinos, such as Mega moolah play com, or in traditional gambling houses, they experience unbelievable emotions and feelings, hearing the sounds of winning, pressing the buttons, and simply enjoying every second of a gaming session.

A lot of scientists studied and tried to understand the thought process of players in order to make these machines even more attractive and tempting for them.

Experiments and surveys

The majority of players do realize that slot games are based on luck. As an Australian survey has proved, around 85{91f23a32914e9a12f4be77787ee53f7fa80b9a361923fb3a13fa931815267ae1} of gamblers realize that machines are playing against them. But if such a big percentage of gamblers understand that basically everything is against them, then why do they keep playing? It took psychologists many years and experiments to understand that very often, gamblers simply hide their true feelings about gambling. People who play one-armed bandits are very resistant to criticism and believe that it is possible to win despite big losses. Additionally, they believe in some special skills, they interpret signs and generally rely on luck.

Studying of a behaviour

In order to understand this behaviour, psychologists did a lot to break the barrier. Back in the 1980s, a well-known psychologist came up with an idea to study players’ thoughts during the gaming sessions. Instead of conducting interviews and questionnaires, he decided to ask gamblers to vocalize the ideas and thoughts that come to their minds while they play their favorite machines. In such a way, having analyzed everything players were saying, he came to a conclusion that they really suffer from irrational thinking in their approach to the games.

In simple words, it means that when a gambler loses, they believe that it is one more step on the way to a big win. Pretty often, you can hear those who play fruit slots say “it is going to pay, it is going to pay!” as they continue putting coins into the machine. Needless to say that a machine operates in accordance with a random number generator, thus, it is absolutely impossible to predict either jackpot or large win.

Personifying games: talking to slots

Lots of players tend to personify their favorite games. This is especially common among those who like to talk to games as if they are alive, believing that talking or begging can somehow influence the outcome (of course, in their favour). Gamblers can say or even scream some mysterious words or sentences, they can give commands, etc. When a person loses, one can hear rude/bad words but when they win, you will be surprised to hear the most lovely words ever.

All in all, people mainly play to win big money, therefore, the thoughts they have in their heads which they sometimes say aloud always vary. People are emotional and irrational creatures and it can be seen especially well when they get excited playing their favourite slots.