What Is Computer Programming?

The world today is run on computers. Almost everyone uses the computer for one job or another. Some persons even go as far as building their personal computers for their own specific needs. However, the language of a computer by which it can understand instructions is encoded in symbols and letters.

A computer programmer is one who understands this language and writes out instructions for the computer to follow. This means that computer programming is the process of designing the language. Formally put, computer programming is the process of developing an executable computer program to accomplish a task. On BritainReviews, you will find the portfolios of many programmers or programming organisations that can help you with issues that concern computer programming.

Analysis, generation of algorithms, profiling the accuracy of these algorithms and resource consumption, and implementing these algorithms in a particular programming language are tasks involved in programming. A thorough mastery over programming requires proficiency and expertise in application domain subjects, specialised algorithms, and formal logic. If you want to engage with programming, you will also need to understand software development. You can check out these stores for computer parts if and when you need them as a computer engineer.

Common Computer Programming Languages You Should Know

·       Javascript

It is a text-based programming language that allows a web-page to become interactive between a user and the server. It is different from HTML and CSS in that while they give structure and style to web-pages, it provides the web-pages interactive elements that are intended to engage the user of the platform. Examples of JavaScript are the search box on Amazon and the refresh feature on Twitter.

·       SQL

Structured Query Language or SQL is a domain-specific programming language, and it is designed for managing the information held in an RDBMS. It also is designed for stream processing in an RDBMS. It is mainly an excellent language for handling structured data.

·       Java

Java language is beneficial in networking since it is multiplatform. It is very si liar to C++ in structure and syntax, and it provides some advantages with its object-oriented programming. The speed is okay, and it offers some food features for making programs.

·       Python

It is a high-level, interpreted, and general-purpose programming language. With its distinct use of white space, python’s design is hinged on code readability. Programmers can write clear codes for both small and large-scale projects, which is because of the language constructs and its object-oriented approach.

·       PHP

We use this language to design web pages and as a scripting language. It is designed to develop a fast website, and it has features that make it easy to generate HTTP headers and links to databases. When used as a scripting language, it includes components that allow the programmer to speed. It has more complicated object-oriented features than Java.

·       C

This language is a basic programming language, and it is prevalent among programmers, especially gaming programmers. C languages include the packing of C++, and that makes programs run faster. The value of the C language gives the reliability feature of C++ a boost in performance. Ultimately, it is a practical programming language.

Check out some professional certificates available to programmers

Some of the professional certificates that a programmer can get are;

  • CISCO – Certified Network Associate, Certified Network Profession Routing and Switching, Certified Network Associate Security Credential.
  • Microsoft – Certified Solution Developer for Web Applications
  • Professional Associations – Software Development Associate Certification, CompTIA’s Security+
  • Non-profit – Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Information Security Manager.

No one is a born programmer. Errors are bound to occur, but with discipline, patience, and perseverance, one is sure to get better.