What was the Kona Blue program, and does it mean UFOs exist?

  • Government confirmed a proposed program to reverse engineer UFOs
  • It was scrapped when no alien technology was found
  • The Pentagon continues to maintain there is no evidence of alien life

(NewsNation) — Declassified documents released by the Pentagon office charged with investigating UAPs, or unidentified anomalous phenomena, reveal the existence of a program to reverse engineer alien technology. But it never got off the ground because there was no such technology to be found.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which is the department within the Pentagon tasked with investigating UAP reports, released the documents following a detailed report that indicated the government had found no evidence of alien life or alien technology despite whistleblower claims of a secret UFO retrieval program.

What is Kona Blue?

Kona Blue was a plan for the government to reverse engineer alien technology from a recovered UFO. It was a special access, or top secret, program created with the goal of acquiring, identifying and reverse engineering what it calls AAVs, or advanced aerospace vehicles. Those now fall under the category of what the military calls UAPs and most people refer to as “UFOs.”

The documents laid out a budget between $12 and $15 million for the first year, $25 million for the second year and eventually an operating expense of more than $50 million. The purpose was national security, with a goal of “(accessing) recovered advanced technology and (determining) its threat capability.”

The program also had goals, including details on plans to reverse engineer any advanced technology and determine whether our adversaries, namely China and Russia, could have access to recovered AAVs.

Why was the Kona Blue project classified?

Kona Blue had been the subject of rumors for years, but the Defense Department only acknowledged it just this past month.

One justification for the program remaining classified was “AAV technology exists in and is accessible only with an SAP or special access program construct.”

Why was the Kona Blue program created and who was behind it?

As much as the program may sound like science fiction, the top scientist at the Department of Homeland Security, Tara O’Toole, the undersecretary of science and technology, approved it, so it was taken seriously at high levels.

Why was the Kona Blue program scrapped?

The DoD said it tossed the Kona Blue program for a very simple reason: It never found any alien technology to reverse engineer. The Department of Homeland Security, however, said the program was never actually approved in the first place.

What does the disclosure of Kona Blue mean for transparency around UFOs?

The Pentagon’s disclosure of the project is another step toward transparency, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle continue to seek answers following whistleblower testimony.

However, some of the leading voices, including Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., believe that the DoD is purposefully compartmentalizing information as part of a cover-up.

What did AARO’s report on UAPs say about claims made regarding Kona Blue and other historical projects?

AARO said that advocates for the project are partially responsible for the allegations, as some pushing for the program believe the government has secretly acquired alien technology. The program was also created with the premise that alien technology existed, which turned out to be false, potentially leading to confusion among some who were aware of the program.

This is not the first time the government has had programs that existed to investigate possible UFOs, like Project Grudge and Project Bluebook, in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, among others. While claims that the U.S. government possesses and has reverse engineered alien technology date back to the 1940s, with the 1947 Roswell event being the most famous, there has never been any proof of these claims.

Does this mean the government has confirmed aliens exist?

No. While scientists in certain agencies like NASA acknowledge that, mathematically, it is unlikely we are the only life in the universe, the government has repeatedly stated there is no concrete evidence of alien life or alien contact with Earth.

Read the full Kona Blue documents and AARO report below: